The Model. The IT Guy. The Executive. Meet Corey Davis.

Aspiring actor and model Corey Davis knows how to fit into any role. As a man of many looks, Corey relies on Nate Holmes to keep his beard looking sharp.

Corey’s artistic side is supported through his work in the information technology field. His experiences working corporately affected how he was sporting his beard. He kept it low or clean-shaven in order to fit the environment. After moving to a remote position, Corey has a little more freedom to express himself through his beard style.

Luckily for him, this is the time to do it. Beard trends have changed recently and a Corey attributes this to a greater embrace of blackness. He argues that increased beard acceptance follows a wave of afro-centricity. It seems to be an overall trend, even when accounting for geographical differences. 

Trends aside, beards have the ability to provide a distinguished look. Can help set the attitude or even the vibe of a character Corey is tasked to embody. As he figures out his next beard goals, Corey best bearded advice is skincare. Just as the beards have been more widely accepted, men’s grooming, and skin routines are taking off. Previously, Corey joked on an old roommate for fighting acne by treating his skin with a sheet mask. Now, he firmly believes that proper skincare is essential for the perfect beard.

The Executive’s final thoughts?

If you are going to have a beard regardless of length. Keep it maintained. Keep it sharp. Keep an eye on your skin and make sure it’s moisturized and healthy.” 

Sarah Coleman

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