The actor on his role of a lifetime..."Dad"- Patrick Vann

Patrick Vann is a man of many faces. As an actor - and a damn good one at that - he is no stranger to taking on a new roles, a new personality and making it his own. However, at his core, "Dad" is one of favorite places to call home.

NamePatrick Vann

Occupation: Actor

Age: 27

Child's Name: Isabel Amariah Vann

Child's Age: 2 1/2 years


What do you see in your child that reminds you of yourself?

There are times when we're in the living room, I'm doing my own thing, she's in her space doing her own thing, we're both locked in. In those moments, Daddy senses tingle and I snap out of it to make sure she's doing alright. I've noticed multiple times that she's imitating everything that she sees on the TV. If someone is dancing, she’s dancing, if someone jumps, she jumps. She finds joy and excitement in portraying what she sees on screen. When I see that and couple it with the drama and emotion she displays when she's in her feelings I can't help but think she has all the makings of a future actress. Besides I think the world could use a Father-Daughter duo on screen, maybe we'll take that on.

America is in a strange place currently, politically, racially etc. You’re raising a black daughter. Do you feel as if the conversations you need to eventually have with her are similar or different than you would with a black son and why?

I believe the conversation would be different in content but almost identical in the overall tone. Black women have to deal with so much in this country, but I believe they are some of the wisest, strongest and most loyal people you'll ever meet. As a father, I want Isabel to know that she has the potential to be great and that's no matter what the color of skin.

How would you prefer your daughter to remember you?

I want my daughter to remember me as her rock. Someone she could always depend on no matter what. I want her to have me as the ideal image of what a Father should be and for her to carry the good aspects of what she sees in me as a man into her decision of choosing a spouse.

Most of us, as men, have been taught in various ways, to deal with our emotions incorrectly – we keep them in. Has having a child changed that at all?

Unfortunately, not at all. What it has done is opened my eyes to the reason why. I can remember growing up watching my father and thinking he was invincible. I never saw him cry and never saw him break. That registered in my mind that he was our security and that brought about a peace of mind. I want to be that for Isabel, but with a balance. As unpopular as it may seem, there is value in a man that is willing to be vulnerable, that's willing to communicate his feelings with the understanding that a lack of communication destroys man relationships. I want Isabel to see both sides of the coin, a man that's strong even through his weaknesses and that speaks from the heart.

How important is it that your daughter see you as a “hero” and why?

It's very important. In many respects I feel that the father role is set up to show yourself as your child’s hero. We just have to embrace the role. By means of putting a roof over their heads, clothes on their back, and food in their bodies you're doing for them what they can't do for themselves and that's the definition of a hero. Simply put, by embracing Fatherhood, you are your child's hero. That's something I look forward to being on a daily basis for Isabel.


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Great work here

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Happy Father’s Day

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YES! Raise that queen. Looking forward to his and Nate’s future work!

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Thank you for casting black fathers in such a positive light

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