Nate Holmes celebrates Black History Month with VSU Alumni Devin Shanks

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have produced so many influencing ideas and people. Great actors like Phylicia Rashad to Chadwick Boseman. Formidable thinkers like Thurgood Marshall and Dr. King. HBCUs are valuable not merely for the educated minds that they produce, but for the identity and influence on black culture. Excellence abounds at HBCUS and that legacy is still creating change agents in the world.


An HBCU helped form Nate Holmes’ Scholar of the Month Devin Shanks. This Virginia State University graduate hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Devin chose to attend an HBCU near the Washington D.C. area because two things. First, Virginia State University offered a familial feel. His southern roots spurned a desire to remain in a community that would affirm him and his heritage. Secondly, proximity to the nation’s capitol gives way to the melting pot of personalities, experiences, and cultures. Devin graduated from VSU with his degree in Business Management.


Sometimes Devin has a rocky relationship with his beard. He has a cautionary tale about cheating on his barber. He sat in the side barber’s chair and heard a zing that was way to close to the skin.  Then he heard, “My bad dog, this is going to be free.” Uh, it better be!! While he didn’t have to pay money, his face definitely paid the price.  But whether he is starting from scratch or taking care of few months of growth, Devin relies on Nate Holmes to keep his beard looking and smelling good.


Beards can be challenging. Either it takes too long, grows unevenly, or the initial itch is too much. For this month’s Scholar, it’s the one corner right above the right side of his lip. It’s the trouble patch. The one spot that doesn’t grow quite like the rest. It’s enough for him to shave it down sometimes, but he keeps at it. “I’m bald; I have to keep some hair on my face.”


Devin uses Nate Holmes Beard Balm The Scholar to help achieve the healthiest beard possible.  He loves the ease of use, as the balm is the perfect consistency to smooth easily through his strands. The Scholar balm has helped Devin grow soft, strong strands without pesky razor bumps.


Devin, The Scholar, is a mode of man who is focused and determined. He works hard to help create a legacy of change. And he looks well groomed while doing it.

Sarah Coleman

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