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In 2016...

I began my beard journey. I’d never grown a full beard and wasn’t even sure about how it would look. Surprisingly, not only was my beard full, I began to appreciate the impression it made. I quickly realized that maintaining it was an entirely different arena, one that I had absolutely no experience in.

I searched numerous business for a product to help me tame my beard, and simultaneously my hair, and to my dismay, the only products I could find were:

Not for my hair typeI have a hair type with tight pores. Moisture either gets absorbed too quickly or not at all.

Way too expensive for the size offering$30 for 2. Oz? No sir.

Smelled terribleWho doesn’t like smelling great?

Took care of my beard, but not my hairI noticed too many companies offering products for your hair OR beard.

Too many ingredients – 80% of the ingredients listed were chemicals, with the most beneficial listed as the bottom – meaning that it's barely included.

Why was it so hard to find a product with a reasonable size offering, adequate pricing and takes care of all the hair on my head?

I voiced my concerns to two people – my wife and my close friend Julian. Both resulted in the creation of this company.

I opened my eyes to how certain types of ingredients (coconut oil, essential oils) that she uses or was simply familiar with, held many different benefits for a variety of conditions. So, I began researching – which included speaking to people who may have held the same issues and barbers and their most commonly seen issues. Unsurprisingly, the irritations I held in my own product search was echoed by those same individuals, in addition to skin problems.

Julian – while he didn’t have a full beard – shared all my concerns. He knew the product selection for men was scarce, and after trying what we dubbed the Nate Holmes prototypes, was sold on the idea. The development process was long since Julian and I stayed on two different sides of the country. While mailing samples back and forth, we created products tailored to feedback and critiques, while at the same time, self-testing to ensure that we could develop a truly beneficial product. Every ingredient was selected with the primary focus of benefit.

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